Satyananda Yoga Lineage

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Swami Sivananda was born at Pattamadai in the state of Tamil Nadu on 8th September 1887.

He was initiated into Dashnami Sannyasa in 1924 by Swami Vishwananda and founded the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh in 1936 and ultimately the Rishikesh Ashram. He left his body on the 5th December 1963. During his lifetime he guided thousands of disciples and aspirants all over the world and authored over 200 books.

  Swami Sivananda Saraswati

"Put yourself in the place of others. Learn this great secret. What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.  So do not think of the good deeds you have done and do not even expect any thanks for what you do. If you help someone, never remember it and if someone helps you, never forget it." - Swami Sivananda

"Difficulties exist so that you may become strong by overcoming them. So overcome all difficulties, one by one, patiently. If you fail ten times, do not despair. If you fail a hundred times, do not be disheartened. If you fail a thousand times, rise up and march on boldly. Failures are indeed stepping stones to success." - Swami Sivananda

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Swami Satyananda was born at Almora in the state of Uttar Pradesh on the 24th December 1923.

He met Swami Sivananda in 1943 and lived with him in Rishikesh where he was initiated into Dashnami Sannyasa. In 1955 he left his Guru’s ashram to live as a wandering mendicant and later founded the International Yoga Fellowship in 1963 and the Bihar School Of Yoga in 1964. Over the next 20 years he toured internationally and authored over 80 books. In 1987 he moved to Rikhia and founded Sivananda Math where the Rikhiapeeth ashram is now thriving. It has propelled the surrounding villages out of poverty and provides schools, medical care, pensions for the elderly and much, much more. Swami Satyananda left his body on the 5th December 2009 at midnight.

  Swami Satyananda Saraswati

"True happiness comes with the development of a steady mind through yoga. One who is restless, confused or disturbed cannot concentrate. The mind and body wander here and there, uncontrolled and dissipated. No amount of wealth or worldly pleasures can bring true happiness and contentment." - Swami Satyananda

"So, there are two objectives which yoga has to fulfil in our lives, but whichever is our objective there is one thing which is common to both. Whether you want happiness and health or you want inner experience, you must have a disciplined mind. You must have a disciplined mind because without it you cannot achieve anything in this world or in the inner world."
- Swami Satyananda

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Swami Niranjanananda was born at Rajnandgaon in the state of Madhya Pradesh on the 14th February 1960.

At the age of 4 he joined the Bihar School of Yoga and was initiated into Dashnami Sannyasa at the age of 10. From 1971 he travelled overseas and toured many countries. In 1993 he was anointed Preceptor in succession to Swami Satyananda and he travelled extensively abroad until 2008. Swami Niranjanananda was the President of Bihar School of Yoga for 25 years, and has played the dual role of guru and administrator with remarkable skill. He has inspired, instructed and been the guiding light for thousands of yoga aspirants and devotees world-wide. His decisions as an administrator have been flawless and his guidance to people illuminating. In 2008, Swami Niranjanananda reached a turning point in his life and retired as an administrator although he will continue to guide and inspire the people for as long as he lives. He will continue to reside in Munger to guide and ensure the transition of the yoga mission from the second to the third generation. He has now succeeded Swami Satyananda and has withdrawn from much of outside life. Swami Satyananda’s lifetime of good works is very safe in his hands. He has authored over 50 books.

  Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

"The idea of service is not only serving somebody, but also connecting with a feeling, a thought, an act, and recognizing it to be a way to attain inner purification as well. Everything can go through a process of change and transformation. Everything can be purified, transformed and transcended. It is the understanding of yoga that in this life, everyone has the ability to transform, to change and to transcend, provided they make the effort."- Swami Niranjanananda

"If you look at people who have made a mark in this world, you will find that all these people have faced difficult situations with a smiling face, not with a frown. Such people have made a difference to themselves and to their lives and that is what is important. To make a difference in someone else’s life is not a major achievement, but to make a difference in your own life is the achievement. If somebody is sick or hungry you can help them, but if you are not aware of yourself, if there is no change and you just continue to be what you are, what you do to make a difference in other people’s lives has no meaning." - Swami Niranjanananda

Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati (Swami Satsangi)

Swami Satyasangananda was born in Chandorenagore in the state of West Bengal on the 24th March 1953.

From the age of 22 she experienced inner awakenings which led her to her Guru, Swami Satyananda, who she travelled ceaselessly with, for many years. She was initiated into Dashnami Sannyasa in 1982 and lived in Rikhia with her Guru until he left his body in 2009.  She is now in charge of Rikhiapeeth and all that surrounds it. In 2009 she started travelling again outside the Ashram spreading the word of Satyananda Yoga all over the globe. Swami Satsangi is a direct channel for Swami Satyananda’s energy to be received by everyone. She is also a channel for the transmission of her Guru’s teachings and a wise overseer of all his projects and dreams for Rikhia. She has authored many important books.  

  Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati (Swami Satsangi)

"What is yoga? Yoga is living a natural life, a life in which you are able to understand yourself." - Swami Satsangi

"In Rikhia, the place of Swami Satyananda, one of the greatest exponents of yoga, we do not teach yoga. It was a conscious decision not to teach yoga although most people there are trained yoga teachers. We decided that instead of teaching yoga, we should encourage people to live yoga. Just practising asana for ten minutes a day is not enough." - Swami Satsangi

Swami Suryaprakash Saraswati is a hugely important Swami within the Satyananda tradition

Swami Suryaprakash was born on the on the 1st August 1982 in San Francisco to Indian parents, and educated in Europe.

Both his grandparents and parents were committed disciples of Swami Satyananda who knew Swami Suryaprakash from his birth. In 1999 after completing his education in the U.S.A. and Europe Swami Suryaprakash joined the Ashram in India permanently. On the 14th January 2000 he was initiated by Swami Niranjanananda into Dashnami Sannyasa and from that time he has been undergoing intense training in Ashram and spiritual life. Swami Satyananda often mentioned that it is necessary for the head of an institution to step down and install the next head elect during his lifetime, so that the succeeding person may be able to master the work thoroughly. Swami Niranjanananda handed over the management of the Munger Ashram to Swami Suryaprakash in 2008 and since 2012 he has been living in Rikhia as Swami Satyasangananda’s support and help in Rikhiapeeth. He is considered to be a shining example of unswerving commitment to the Guru’s mission.

  Swami Suryaprakash Saraswati

"Every negative habit carries with it a positive habit. Every negative tendency has an opposite uplifting quality. If one is lazy, the opposite is dynamism. If the tendency is to be greedy, its positive counterpart is restraint. If one is depressive, the opposite is participation and cheerfulness. So, when analyzing a negative habit, the focus has to be on the positive opposite. You simply have to look for this opposite habit and try to develop it." - Swami Suryaprakash

"If you sow a seed with the intention that it will sprout and eventually become a massive healthy tree, first you need to prepare the land and create a suitable environment for its growth. In the same way, for the tree of wisdom and spirituality, which is already inherent within us, to grow in our lives, we need to purify our mind first. If we are expecting a very important visitor, we clean every inch of our home and put in much preparation and effort to ensure the visit is a success. Similarly, if we want to invite or invoke a noble quality or virtue in our life, we also have to pass through a process of mental cleansing and purification." - Swami Suryaprakash